Tucson Gym Reviews


Our fitness center is one of Tucson’s best. Ask us; we’ll tell you!

But it matters not so much what we tell you about Sierra Fitness, but rather what members both long standing and new say. Check out just a few of their reviews:


“I love my gym.  Sierra Fitness is a locally owned boutique gym. The staff is always super friendly, acknowledgeable and the gym is always clean. Don’t expect your typical big box store gym but expect a smaller gym that will provide you with everything you need to stay in shape or get in shape…”


“I have been a member at Sierra Fitness for many years and I absolutely love this gym. The staff is extremely friendly and the classes are great. I also work out with a wonderful personal trainer… This gym is located in the beautiful Foothills of Tucson and the views from throughout the gym are amazing. I would definitely recommend Sierra Fitness!”


“…The atmosphere in the gym is relaxed and friendly. You’ll get a peaceful workout and will not be surrounded by meatheads checking themselves out in the mirrors! Workouts are supposed to be enjoyable…I always manage that here!…”