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C’mon in; work in a workout! Class-style, that is.

Full Sierra Fitness membership includes total access to any and all group exercise classes at no additional fee.

Off-hours Sierra Fitness members*, as well as non-members are welcome to participate in all group exercise classes at the following class fees:

  • $14 single class
  • $60 five-pack classes
  • $100 ten-pack classes

Class passes may be purchased at the Front Desk.

Check out the brief class descriptions below. All classes are 60 minutes unless noted otherwise.

*Off-hours members who are interested in attending only a few classes per month, a $5 fee/class applies.


Cardio Sculpt

Well-rounded program includes strength segment followed by cardio segment. Cardio dance, Zumba or step aerobics will burn away calories!


Cardio Trekking

Cross training/interval work pushes heart rate to create better cardio fitness. Learn to use “rate of perceived exertion” to go beyond comfort zone. (50 minutes)


Impactful cardio workout for the beginner to the elite cyclist! Let your mind be free and heart be challenged! All fitness levels welcome to ride.


This fusion of Latin and international music results in a dynamic, exciting, fun and effective fitness class.



Beach Body Bootcamp

Full body workout packed with exercises using plyometrics and core work to challenge strength and endurance. Kettlebells, medicine balls, light weights, bands and gliders are integrated.


Butts, Guts ‘n Guns

Focus includes protocols for cardio, lower body strength, upper body strength and abdominals, using a variety of equipment to keep the class interesting.

Sport Conditioning

Full body, strength training format features four unique blocks of work:  cardio, lower body strength, upper body strength and core.

StrongBoard Balance and Strength

Designed to improve body awareness using proprioception, movement on the StrongBoard assists in restoring balance. Burn more calories in less time while having fun, increasing flexibility, range of motion and reaction time. When not on the board, you’ll be performing strength exercises to help increase bone density and muscle mass. An hour of StrongBoard and Strength leaves participants feeling accomplished!


Suspension training /bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

Total Body Sculpt

Incorporates protocols for cardio, lower body strength, upper body strength and abs for a full body workout. Use of a variety of equipment challenges strength and endurance.



Barre + Barre Fusion

Energetic, fun workout that fuses fitness techniques that tone, define and chisel the whole body (25 minutes)


Flow Yoga

Heart-pumping, muscle-toning yoga flow. A fast-paced, flow style yoga class geared to intermediate/advanced yoga students. Beginners are always welcome.  

Pilates Circuit

Circuit-style workout uses Pilates apparatus as well as TRX, Barre and other stabilization challenging equipment

Pilates Fusion

Pilates-based workout focuses on core strength, flexibility and total body conditioning.

Pilates Mat

Class incorporates mind and body; develops core stabilization and structural alignments through a sequential series of mat exercises.

Pilates Reformer

This fee-based session with a certified Pilates instructor will add a challenge to your Pilates practice. Private and group reformer sessions are available. Ask the Front Desk staff for details.


This workout focuses on standing core balance with stretch on the mat to complete full body flexibility and mobility.


Class focus is to introduce and challenge students in their practice. Mind/body workout coming together with breath, spirals and circular movement for strength, flexibility, core stability and decreasing stress levels. Namaste!


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Bootcamp HIIT

Heart-pumping warmup followed by circuit-style workout using a variety of equipment including battle ropes, slam balls, medicine balls, jump ropes and more. Effective metabolic booster workout!


MashUp Conditioning “V.I.I.T. is the new H.I.I.T.”

This class unites Mind/Body, Agility, Strength and H.I.I.T. Variable-Intensity Interval Training is for ALL fitness levels:

  • 5 minutes of Strength
  • 5 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training
  • 5 minutes of Mind/Body movements.

Three rounds of each, rotating among medium-intensity (agility and strength), high-intensity (HIIT) and low-intensity (mind/body). This is a very well-rounded 60 minutes!

Total Body TABATA + HIIT

Full body workout incorporates either TABATA or HIIT intervals followed by pyramid strength sets. Optimal calorie/metabolic blaster.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Sierra Silver Stretch + Strength

Every Tuesday at 11 AM, Sierra’s Silver Stretch + Strength class is designed to improve the overall health and well being of senior participants. The class may be done standing or seated in a chair. Exercises will enhance muscular strength, utilizing light weights and resistance bands.

Stretching will improve flexibility for greater joint and range of motion. Posture stability exercises are incorporated into the class for balance. The combination of stretch and strength can help longevity by preventing injury.

Sierra Silver Stretch + Strength