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Training Options

Training can be fun as well as productive! Beginning with an initial consultation through the selection of a trainer whose style and expertise complement your needs.

Young or old; new to the training world or experienced, Sierra Fitness offers lots of spot on training options to meet your fitness goals.

Training + Fitness Consultations

Training and fitness consultations can include:

  • Body composition assessment
  • Flexibility and mobility assessment
  • Strength assessment
  • Conditioning assessment
  • Goal setting


Based on the results, Sierra Fitness trainers are here to design and work with clients to implement an individualized program to address their fitness goals.

To schedule a consultation, call 520-577-9000. Or eMail sierrafitness@gmail.com.

If nutritional consultation is on your mind, it’s on the fitness center agenda to debut late summer/early fall 2019. When it is available, you may read about it here.

Training + Fitness Consultations

Personal Training

Sierra Fitness personal trainers are capable and eager to accommodate their clients’ schedule and individual training needs.

Meet Personal Trainers


To initially discuss individual fitness goals and how one of the team’s qualified trainers may help you achieve them (including a training program engineered specifically for you by and with your personal trainer), call 520-577-9000. Or eMail sierrafitness@gmail.com.

Choose from three personal training options:

  • Individual
  • Partner (2)
  • Semi-private (3+)

Session options include:

  • 55-Minute Private Individual Training Session                        
  • 55-Minute Private Partner Training Session (2 clients)    
  • 55-Minute Semi-Private Training Session (3+ clients)
  • 55-Minute 1-on-1 Pilates Quartet Reformer Session

Pricing may vary among trainers as well as according to specialized client training and needs and capacities. To learn more, call 520-577-9000 or eMail sierrafitness@gmail.com.

Personal Training

Youth Training ProgramAges 11 - 17

Parents want what is best for their children. And good health and great lifestyle habits are among them.


Sierra Fitness’ approach to youth training is to build a solid foundation for development focusing on basic and proper technique. Training becomes progressively more challenging as basic techniques are mastered.

Curriculum includes instruction/demonstration/practice regarding:

  • Fundamental movement fostering balance and stability
  • Increased mobility/flexibility
  • Reduced bodyfat
  • Increased strength and energy
  • Enhance work/school, recreation and sport performance
  • Focused training to increase accountability, reduce injury
  • Lifetime training habits

For program details, call 520-577-9000.

Youth Training Program

Saturday Train OrientationEvery Saturday   10:30 AM

Join trainer and owner, Shaun Nash for a free hour to have your fitness questions answered! Get recommendations on exercises, alternatives to current programs, set up of equipment or any other concerns or questions you may have. Consider this a great opportunity to get some new ideas or change your current routine; get the fitness kickstart you desire!

Sign up at the Front Desk. Non-members are welcome, too, for a $20 fee.

Saturday Train Orientation