Fitness Boot Camp in Tucson AZ

Boot Camp

Bootcamp. Sounds borderline militaristic, doesn’t it? All work; no fun, right? Oh, these workouts are dynamic and efficient for sure. Loads of motivation; no boredom. But take a closer look at all this workout style offers.

For men or women looking to get in shape in a group setting, there are plenty of group exercises classes from which to choose. But a recent study conducted by American Council on Exercise (ACE), researched the effectiveness of Bootcamp style workouts and found them to be one of the best group exercise options

The workouts, typically comprised of simple bodyweight movements and minimal equipment, are not only effective for losing weight and building strength, but also for training participants to get through their day-to-day activities more efficiently.

Bootcamp style classes incorporate Strength, Functional and High Intensity Interval Training, which – in the long run – results in more calories burned and a greater change in body composition.  Overall, for anyone seeking an effective way to lose weight and build muscle, while improving overall coordination and balance and getting better at moving in life, there’s nothing quite like a Bootcamp Class.

Other proven benefits of a Bootcamp style class is the camaraderie among fellow boot campers. Competing, encouraging and feeling the challenges together create a group fitness family and keeps a student motivated to return again and again!

And to think…the only equipment a bootcamper needs is an exercise mat, water bottle and towel!

The Bootcamp environment rewards perseverance and embracing the team atmosphere challenge! Bottom line, Bootcamp classes are an excellent way to step up, rise and seize the day!! 

Sierra Fitness – a Tucson workout destination near to premier shopping, dining and restaurant options – offers two group exercise boot camp style classes: Beach Body Bootcamp (for the optimal beach body workout) and Bootcamp HIIT.